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Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD. 6 · 1 ... Reddit, the front page of the internet. Become a Redditor. and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. × 0. 0. 1. Is there a trick for the Slot Machines in XIII-2? (self ... I have the Eternal Crystal but there has to be a trick to it... It almost always takes me ~1500 tries to get into Victory Mode and ... final fantasy 13 2 - How Do I Change the Mood of the Slot ... How Do I Change the Mood of the Slot Machines? ... In Overbreak mode you have something like ten times the chance of hitting the jackpot and bring in 5,000 coins per win. ... Browse other questions tagged final-fantasy-13-2 or ask your own question. asked. 7 years, 2 months ago. viewed. 18,615 times ... Final Fantasy Xiii 2 Slot Machine Moods 11 Feb 2012 final fantasy xiii 2 slot machine moods - 7 min - Uploaded by JRPGgamerFinal Fantasy XIII 2: How to get A Lucky Coin Fragment .. I read one trick is to buy 10,000 ..Apr 2, 2012 .. How to Win Slot Machine Final Fantasy Xiii 2 -

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Final Fantasy music [remix, remake, remastered] - YouTube Final Fantasy music [remix, remake, remastered] ... Final Fantasy XIII-2 - Eclipse ~ Piano Arrangement ~ ... Final Fantasy - Victory Fanfare Orchestral Remix Slots - Final Fantasy XIII-2 Wiki Guide - IGN Final Fantasy XIII-2 Wiki Guide Table of Contents. Slots. ... Victory mode: 10 coins, reach by aligning three nines. ... you can win if you win over 7 777 casino coins only in the slot machines ... Slot Machine Secret - Final Fantasy XIII-2 Message Board ... For Final Fantasy XIII-2 on the PlayStation 3, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Slot Machine Secret" - Page 4.

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Read User Reviews and Submit your own for Final Fantasy … Final Fantasy XIII-2 continues itsGet ready to sit back and watch your characters fight for days at aGraphically and artistically, FF 13-2 puts GOTY titles like the Mass Effect series to shame.Final Fantasy XIII-2 then desperately jumps through fanatical loops in trying to dismantle the respectable... Final Fantasy XIII-2: Обзор — Статьи — Final... — Square… После того как Final Fantasy XIII встала кирпичом в горле у доброй половины фанов серии, было решено провести работу над ошибками и дать годный к употреблению продукт. И так получилось, что под нож легла та самая злополучная Final Fantasy XIII. Ну как было не написать обзор на... Sazh: Heads or Tails. Грабим казино! — Final Fantasy … Итак, 28 февраля товарищи из Square Enix решили порадовать фанатов серии частотой выходов DLC к Final Fantasy XIII-2, а также возвращением старого члена команды Lightning Сажа, и релизнули DLC'шку "Sazh: Heads or Tails". Собственно, дабы не устраивать спойлеризм с...