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54 Games Like Pocket MapleStory – Games Like Pocket MapleStory is a Massively Multiplayer Online Role-playing, and 2D Fantasy-based video game for mobile devices developed and published by Nexon. The game takes place in the fantasy world and comes with three character classes such as Dual Blade, Demon Slayer, and Angelic Buster. BasilMarket How do you get the rose clipping to unlock ... MapleStory Screens, Videos and Forum ... How do you get the rose clipping to unlock pocket slot? General MapleStory Forum Talk about MapleStory in general ... Once you get the rose clipping how to actualy obtain the pocket slot? i have one but dont know where to trade it in for the pocket slot, is there a quest that needs to be done?[/quote] ... MapleSEA Obtaining your Pocket Slot - Blogger 23:15 MapleSEA Obtaining your Pocket Slot Hi all, As most of you know, You must have Lv.30 Charm to be able to have your Pocket Slot. ... You are required to harvest herbs till the item Rose Clipping drops. Once you have obtained it, Head back to Big Headward. ... Trusted MapleStory M Mesos Sellers. Rose Clipping | MapleStory | HS.MapleGlobal

Did the the Rose Clipping (pocket slot quest item) get massively buffed or something? AH was flooded with over 30 cheap Rose Clippings (no not "Rose" item, actual clippings) and the price plummeted from ~250m to ~50mil. Bought a whole bunch yesterday but AH is still packed with a whole bunch of cheap ones, so did the drop rate change? (duping?)

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Android. Category: Role Playing. Pocket MapleStory, the world of MapleStory in your pocket!! MapleStory, the world-wide known side-scrolling PC game, has now a mobile global version that lets you enjoy anywhere, anytime speedy action combat in 1,500 different quests inside the amazing... List of MapleStory Pocket Accessory | AyumiLove AyumiLove. MapleStory, MapleStory M and MapleStory 2 Guides. List of MapleStory Pocket Accessory.MapleStory Common Badge Accessory. 1 – Black Wallet Effects: STR +3. 1 – House Key Effects: HP +200, MP +200.10 – Rose Effects: LUK +3.