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Что означает в игре "Ворлд оф танк" слово "слот"? Слот в World of Tanks - это свободное место для танка в ангаре. Способы получить свободный слот.Если вы покупаете премиум танк, свободный "слот" уже прилагается вместе с танком. Ваш ангар автоматически расширяется на 1 слот для размещения купленного прем танка. Как получить дополнительный слот в ангаре WOT ...слот в ангаре WOT Доброго дня, Пикабушники) Недавно обнаружил приятную вещь, благодаря которой можно получить бесплатный слот в ангаре!Зачем оставить один слот? Дальше Вы поймете. Теперь в левом верхнем углу нажмите "обучение" и проходите его, там будет такой... Equipment | Advanced tips - World of Tanks... |… World of Tanks Game Guide by is divided into removable (Camouflage Net, Binocular Telescope, Toolbox) and permanent. Demounting of the latter costs 10 gold. Почему слот в ангаре только за голду — Есть ответ!

Presenting the Tiger "Hammer," a brand-new Hero tank and part of our latest challenge! And it's not just the tank, but a PvE scenario and new medals and emblems.

World of Tanks Equipment Guide by merig00. 1. Equipment. Purchase, Set up, Replacement. Modules are available for purchase in the store section “Equipment” IMPORTANT! Some equipment is available only for a particular nation! Some for USSR and others for Germany! Vehicles: Equipment | World of Tanks Blitz Cumulatively, these characteristics add up to being much better than those of the same tank with the "old" equipment. Remember: there is a wealth of combinations of new equipment (512 options!), and once you unlock the slot, you can switch equipment whenever you feel like it. World Of Tanks Equipment Slots - World Of Tanks Equipment Slots; 5 Feb 2014 .. There is no limit to the amount of garage slots you can have. I assumed the limit was at however many tanks there are in the game, so that isn't ..c911darkwolf #9 Posted 28 May 2014 - 03:11 PM Why Buy the Mutant M6A2E1? | News | World of Tanks A Vertical Stabilizer and Gun Rammer are basically the go-to equipment for most tanks, and I would recommend them here as well. For the third equipment slot, I’m using an Enhanced Gun Laying Drive to help further offset the poor dispersion on the gun, but “Improved Ventilation” is a good alternative for a general boost, or “Coated Optics” for a view range boost.

Equipment. That way, even on new tanks when they lack the credits to equip them fully, they can enter battle with as much of toolbox, camo net and binoculars as they can carry. For tanks at low tiers that won't be in play long because they'll be sold as the next tank is unlocked, these three may be all you ever need.

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